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News from Marvellous Muffin

Our furever foster Muffin, a 17 year old Westie, has been at "Karen's care home" for a few weeks now. We caught up with Karen to see how she is getting on...

"Muffin, my furever foster Westie is living her life to the full. 17 years old, she has a love interest in Arthur, 14, and a foodie friend in Lady, 16, who are 2 of my other 'furevers'. They, like her, have no sight or hearing.


When Muffin arrived she was in trauma; shut down, scared, wobbly, incontinent, and in a strange place. What shone out was her bravery and the speed at which she has adjusted to her new life. She's thrown the "3-3-3" theory totally out of the window.


She bonded with me within a few days, which is very important, as being deaf/blind, you are their everything....literally! I feel like the Pied Piper when I have the 3 of them following me around. Sometimes Jesus, 11 with all his faculties intact, joins the parade as it may end up with a treat!


Muffin has learnt so much. She's learning touch commands and I am learning her body language. She knows what actions are rewarded with treats! She has learnt dog manners from her friends. She now knows not to try and get in a dog bed when it's already occupied and not to attempt to steal their food....only the dogs could teach her these things, and she's a quick learner.  


It's the small things which say a lot as to how settled they are. She's grooming herself and yesterday she barked for the first time. I was told off for dawdling over prepping dinner! She's a demanding madam.


The only time she has toileting accidents now is when I've missed the cue on the rare occasions the door is shut. She loves pottering in the garden. Her favourite spot is the open doorway to the garden where she stands sniffing the air. Even though I may be in layers of clothes on cold days or evenings, I indulge her. 


Her strength has improved, the wobbly legs hardly ever letting her down. She can't walk far so RATS have provided her with a dog buggy. She thinks she's so special and gets a lot of attention especially when sporting her new purple jumper or coat which were also provided by RATS. She and I go shopping together, she has visited the grooming parlour for a sniff around as she has her first appointment next week, and she has even been to the library!  

Having canine friends has been a real boost for her as she is never alone. She is very taken with Arthur and likes to be near him, it's a budding relationship and so sweet. He's suddenly showing off with his agility but she obviously can't see that and he can't see her flirting with him!

Lady is very food orientated and knows when there may be a special treat on offer. Muffin has sussed this out and follows her. Yesterday, she discovered sweet peppers and frozen peas. She has a new elevated food bowl as she was going down like bambi on ice having to bend. Small changes which make her life easier.


She is an inspiration to me and others.


Thank you to everyone who has donated towards her care. Because of the generosity shown by RATS supporters, she has all the extras she needs to enable her to live life to the fullest.


Love from Karen and Muffin xxx"

You can sponsor Muffin's care via her very own Just Giving page here.

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