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Sponsor a RATS dog and help to change their life

Special dogs with unique needs

Many people have very genuine reasons for needing to rehome their much-loved pet, and it’s generally the case that those pets are easier to rehome because of the love and care they have always had throughout their lives.

Sadly, we now live in a “throwaway” world, where when things aren’t working out and when the going gets tough, we give up too quickly and move on to other, easier things. Particularly since the pandemic, we are seeing this all too often with pets, and our kennels and foster homes are overrun with abandoned dogs, whose owners gave up on them because they weren’t “perfect,” or there’s too much other fun to be had elsewhere now, or they didn’t fit in with their owner’s pre-pandemic lifestyle. 


At RATS, our ethos is simple. We never give up on an animal, and despite having limited means and resources (we’re entirely run by volunteers for example), we do absolutely everything in our power to ensure the dogs who we take in and care for, find the happy furever afters that they deserve more than anything.

It's important to say at this stage that we would never rehome a dog who is considered dangerous, or who cannot be rehabilitated. In those cases, we provide sanctuary at our kennels for the rest of their lives.

As the majority of behavioural problems manifest in the home rather than in a kennel environment (which goes some way to explaining why some of our dogs sadly end up being brought back to us, sometimes after only a few days), we have enlisted a team of amazing behaviourists, who have pledged to not only offer total support to our kennel volunteers, but to also offer total support to new owners, and work with our dogs in their new homes.

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Please do contact us if you don’t use JustGiving, Paypal or Givey, and we’d be happy to let you know the other options, for example a direct debit straight to our bank account. When there’s a will, there’s always a way!

We know that saving one dog won’t change the world, but for that dog, the world will change forever. Please help us to help them.

More and more, we are rescuing unwanted, and often neglected dogs with “behavioural issues,” whose owners simply won’t take the time to understand what their dogs are trying to tell them through their behaviour, and help them to overcome their fears and problems.

These dogs have often bitten people (almost always through anxiety, fear or frustration), they might be reactive towards people and/or other dogs, or they might suffer from separation anxiety (a common, unfortunate product of lockdown). And as so many other animal charities can't take them in for various reasons, RATS is very often these dogs’ last chance. 

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In our opinion, this is the ONLY way to ensure that the dogs in our care find the comfort, safety and happiness they deserve, and live “normal” lives with their forever families.

Would you like to help? Every RATS dog requiring special support now has their own JustGiving page, where you can sponsor them (with a single or regular donation) and keep up to date on how they are getting on and their progress. Every single penny of your sponsorship will go towards their care and support.

One-off donations (of as little as £1) can also be made any time via Paypal or Givey, and monthly donations can also easily be set up on Paypal. Just make sure to mention your sponsor dog’s name, so that your donation goes straight to them.

Every penny makes a difference!

Our dogs looking for sponsors

To find out about each dog, read their story and to sponsor them, please click the "sponsor me" button on their photo and you'll be taken to their JustGiving page.

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