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The Story of Simba (NooNoo)

The incredible rescue dog, who went on an incredible journey. By his devoted owner Eileen.

Part One

"Hello this is my story, I hope you enjoy it.

The first thing i remember is being cold, hugging into my mum and siblings, It was a very cold November in Romania.

A man appeared, and he picked up myself an my siblings and put something around my mum, then we went through this big gate and into a box with straw in. He gave us some food and water.

We all ate and had a drink; we were so warm and cosy, mum huddled us all together and we had a lovely sleep.

The next morning, there were lots of dogs barking and I could hear the man's voice. We were scared with all this noise. I could see through the fence the man carrying lots of bowls and making a lot of noise. He was talking to the other dogs. We didn’t know what was going on but the man opened the door and he was talking very softly to us, and gave us a cuddle. He was so nice, all i wanted to do was hug him. It was the first time I had this feeling of being safe, it made me feel all warm inside. He couldn’t stay long as he said he had lots of work to do and he would be back later.

Later that day, he came back and took us to this place called a vet. They did all sorts of tests on us and gave us some tablets. My mum was telling them off as she didn’t like it but i was ok as my man was holding me. The vet called him Stefan so that must be his name.

We were all given a book with lots of stamps and writing in, and we were given names. Mine was Simba my sister was called Kelly, one brother was called Ted but I can't remember the other brother's name. My mum is called Lady and she is about 2 years old.

We were taken back to our home and things stayed the same for some time, apart from more visits to the vet.

People started to come and take some of the dogs away. I don’t know where they went. Then they came and took my brothers. We were frightened as we didn’t know what was happening. Stefan came and cuddled us, which was lovely. Kelly and me had all the cuddles and some nice treats. Mum was just dancing around, she loves dancing, A few days later, Kelly was taken. I couldn’t understand it. I was on my own with mum.

Part Two

The next part of my story is one big change in my life....

I was taken away from my mum and put in this cage with another dog. We were in there a long time and it was very noisy. At last we stopped and this lovely lady was cuddling me and talking very nicely. I was in love! The place I was at smelt really different and my bed was so soft and warm. This was going to be fun, it wasn’t as noisy like at Stefan's and my dinner was really yummy. I found out they call it RATS.

The sun was shining and I went in a pool. I’m still not a lover of water but that’s ok as long as I keep clean.

A man and woman came to visit and took me to their house. I don’t know why, but they eventually took me back to my lovely lady and bed at RATS.

A little while later when I was 7 months old, another man and lady came to visit with their little dog called Rhea. She was fun and I chased her, then she chased me. I was so happy! They took me to their house and it was ok but i couldn’t really settle. I don’t know why as they really tried. They called me Anubis.

We then went to a town that was to noisy, I wanted to get back into the car so on the way home we went to visit another house and this lady and man were the best people I have ever known! They have a dog called Ladon, wow he’s my bestest friend, we play, cuddle and sleep together. I didn’t want to go home but this nice lady gave me a kiss and said see you soon NooNoo. That’s her nickname for me and I like it.

A few days later at home, the man shouted at the cat because it knocked something off the unit. Well, I barked really loud and ran into the garden. I didn’t like that man. He shouted so if he was in one room, I would run away and bark. He tried to talk to me but I barked really loud and ran away from him sometimes. I would let the lady touch me, but i didn’t like him.

All of a sudden i was in the car and we went to see Ladon and the lovely couple I love. Well, I just cuddled into Ladon and asked him if he would look after me as I was so scared. "Of course" was his reply.

This is now my home. I came here at 8 months old and I am 4 years old now. My name is Newbie (NooNoo) for short as my mum didn’t like the name Anubis. Ladon and me are joined at the hip.

Oh and the twist in this story of my life is the man who frightened me is my owner's son and he visits all the time. He's now my best friend.

In my home, I have my own room where I can take myself if I get frightened by the hoover or lawnmower, or just to have time out as mum never shuts doors and I can go wherever I want- even on the beds! I am never going to leave my mum and dad as they are forever mine.

Thank you RATS for bringing me over from Romania!"

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