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Andy and Toby's 3.7 Challenge

Hi, I’m Andy and my little Jack Russell friend here is Toby. We’re both long term residents at the RATS Hare Street kennels. As we both came with our fair share of emotional baggage, we need a lot of love and care from our kennel Mummy Julie and her team of dedicated volunteers.

As the most important members of the RATS family, Toby and I would love to have our very own luxury kennels, so that we can feel safer and more at home. I love Julie and my other kennel friends so much that my dream is to stay here forever and as I’m such a great guard dog, my new set up is going to be designed with the protection of all my furry friends in mind.

This virus thing that has been going around for the past year has made it really difficult for our humans to raise as much money as they usually do, so Toby and I are taking matters into our own paws. Celebrating the charity’s 37 year history, we are going to embark on a 3.7k or 3.7 mile walk every day for 37 days, starting on Sunday 14th February (once we’ve finished reading the Valentines cards from all our fans of course!).

The clever numbers people at RATS have told us that we need to raise a grand total of £3,700 for our new posh pooch pads.

We would absolutely love your support, and you’ll be able to follow our progress on the RATS Facebook page, where we will be posting lots of photos and videos every day.

Please sponsor us; we are so grateful for any donation, however big or small. Every penny really does help!

Lots of happy woofs and lovely licks, Andy and Toby xx

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