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Tara (reserved)
Born: 5 Years
Gender: Female

​Meet Tara!

A new home needed for Tara 

Tara is a very friendly little cat with black long hair and just a small patch of white on her tummy, who will be five years old this July.  

She is always very quick to greet you, loves being fussed over and enjoys curling up on a warm and comfy lap.

Tara would probably be happier in a home where she is the only pet and will make a great companion for a family, or someone on their own. She is currently having her course of vaccinations after which she will be ready to find her forever home.

If you would like to find out more about Tara, please get in touch with Liz on 01767 681157 or email Helen at who will be pleased to forward your enquiry on to the team. Thank you.


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Julie: 01763 289827

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We have a number of animals in our care. Most are homeless through no fault of their own and are looking for furever homes and owners who can give them the love and attention they deserve.


Please take a few moments to familiarise yourself with our adoption process:


Step 1:     

The animal is admitted into our care, and assessed by our team.

Step 2:     

The animal is examined by a vet, who treats any ailments or injuries.

Step 3:     

The appropriate team leader will liaise with the potential adopter to get to know them and assess whether they are a potential purr-fect match.

Step 4:     

The potential new owners meet the animal, and decide if they want to adopt. New owners may be asked to visit the animal several times before the adoption takes place.

Step 5:     

A pre-adoption home visit will then be made to new owners premises to meet the members of the household and to ensure that the environment is safe and right.

Step 6:     

If the visit goes well, you will be asked to collect the animal and to make an adoption donation (amount on request) as well as to sign an agreement to care for the pet with a commitment to return them to us if you can't continue to do so.

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