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The Pampered Bunny Bonanza

Well we’ve got a problem on our hands here at RATS, and we need your help…

The 11 beautiful bunnies in our care have found out about Top Dog Andy’s new specialist kennel, and we’re now having to deal with lots of disgruntled snuffling and outraged hopping. Our carrot-loving thumpers explained that they don’t have a hierarchy like at the kennels, and that they all deserve to live in the same total comfort and luxury. And how could we ever deprive them of anything after the traumatic lives that many of them have led?!

Although they are already lucky to have their own hutches, our pampered fluffy friends are demanding their very own Home Roost snuggle insulation under layers, to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Looking back at the recent strange weather they had to endure (they were out in their shorts and sunnies on Saturday but by Monday, they were shivering in their Uggs!) being able to regulate the temperature of their hutches would certainly help to keep our beloved bunnies happy and comfortable.

In keeping with our 37th birthday theme, the small mammals team are looking to raise a total of £370 towards the cost of the hutch under layers, and we’re sure that the RATS Family can pull together like always to give us a hand!

We would be so grateful for a donation (however small, every single penny really does help!) or please spread the word amongst your bunny-loving friends!

Lots of love and snuggles, the RATS Rabbits xxxx

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