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e: 3 Years 
Breed: Lurcher
Size: Medium 
Gender: Female


Meet Pippa!

Due to an unexpected change in her owner's circumstances, Pippa is urgently looking for a new home, through no fault of her own. 

Pippa is a wonderful, loving and loyal dog. She can be protective over her owner when it comes to strangers, however once she's been introduced to people or other dogs she's usually very disinterested and will quite happily sprawl over the floor or the sofa.


Pippa walks well on the lead and has great recall. She's not worried about fireworks or loud noises. She is also great in the car and loves trips to the beach!

When she's home she loves nothing more than a cozy snuggle on the sofa and loves being wrapped up in a folded duvet! It's also very easy to take bones, toys and food from Pippa if needed.

Pippa has been going to the same dog day care on and off over the last three years whilst her owner was at work, as she'd get lonely at home. There can be up to seven dogs freely roaming around and there have never been any problems between her and any other dogs.

The new owner will need to arrange her spaying and update her vaccinations.

Pippa's Wish List:


I would love an owner that is at home for most of the time to keep me company

Living with children

I can live with children 

Living with other dogs


I might be able to live with other dogs

Living with cats
I cannot live with cats (as my breed loves to chase them)
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Opt to Adopt!

As we try to help other animal rescue charities and animal owners, we are urgently helping to rehome Pippa on behalf of her owner (who Pippa is currently still living with). All visits will take place at the potential adopter's home to see how Pippa settles. There is no adoption fee, however, a voluntary donation to help to go towards the care of our animals will be greatly appreciated.

Do you think you might be able to offer a furever home

to this gorgeous lady? 

If so, please complete our Adopter Enquiry Form
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Alternatively, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Dog Team by email: 
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