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Evie & Tilly
e: 1 Year 
Breed: Tabby
Gender: Female


Meet Evie and Tilly!

These pretty little cats are Evie and Tilly and they are both just a year old.

Evie is tabby and white and Tilly is black and white.
They are very attached to each other and we want to find them a home where they can stay together. Evie is the more confident cat with people and loves to be fussed, whereas Tilly is a little timid with people but she does like to be stroked and have her chin tickled when she feels brave enough to allow it. Tilly relies on Evie for her confidence.
They are both very lively, inquisitive, have lots of energy and love to play.
They need to be the only pets in the home (no other cats or dogs) and an adult only home or one with older children would be preferable.
If you are interested in finding out more about this lovely pair of girls, please call Liz on 01767 681157 or email Helen at who will be pleased to forward your enquiry on to the team.

Evie and Tilly's Wish List:


We would love to stay together in an adult-only home where we're the only pets.

Living with children

We cannot live with children 

Living with other dogs


We cannot live with dogs

Living with cats
We cannot live with other cats
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